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Light. Like ten thousand fingers scaling the arpeggios of lives minted and scattered— the autobiography of days demanding their own masks— and we, the weepless ones, dry and several worlds removed, drown in the riptides of bass and metaphor within … Continue reading

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Come Wander With Me

Through grotesquely chapped lips, Bert whistled a bright tune, and managed to keep whistling with melodious tenacity as he and George walked.What’s that tune?I don’t know. Something I heard a long time ago.It’s nice Bert real nice. And the fact … Continue reading

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Desert Spleen

Excerpt from All the Last Furies, novel-in-progress. Bert and George. A Couple of Real Coons. That was the title of the program. Arturo didn’t know what the term meant, why coons, but he could feel the seeds of malignancy implicit … Continue reading

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