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Originally from Brooklyn, NY, writer, poet, spoken word performer, and playwright, John Biscello now lives in Taos, New Mexico. He is the author of three novels: Broken Land, a Brooklyn Tale, Raking the Dust, and Nocturne Variations, and a collection of stories, Freeze Tag. His fiction and poetry has appeared in: Art Times, nthposition, The Wanderlust Review, Ophelia Street, Caper, Polyphony, Dilate, Militant Roger, Chokecherries, Farmhouse, BENT, The 555 Collective, Instigator, Brass Sopaipilla, The Iconoclast, Adobe Walls, Kansas City Voices, and the Tishman Review. His blog--Notes of an Urban Stray--can be read at Broken Land, a Brooklyn Tale was named Underground Book Reviews 2014 Book of the Year.

One Moment

“In waking life, when all is well and cares fall away, when the intellect is silenced and we slip into reverie, do we not surrender blissfully to the eternal flux, float ecstatically on the still current of life? We have … Continue reading

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“Everything is begging to be discovered, not accidentally, but intuitively. Seeking intuitively, one’s destination is never in a beyond of time or space but always here and now. If we are always arriving and departing, it is also true that … Continue reading

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Before the Big Bang Makes A Sound

Listen closely. You will hear the rhythmical jazz of a leaky faucet. The creaking floorboards in the attic of memory. The sound of a heart crunching beneath the weight of a life, and then again, that heart’s resilient rising announced … Continue reading

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 “What an abyss of uncertainty, whenever the mind feels overtaken by itself, when it, the seeker, is at the same time the dark region through which it must go seeking.” – Marcel Proust Here then, tired wanderer, lay down your … Continue reading

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Odysseus and You

“This transformation is what all artists seek: to become like mythic heroes—Prometheus, Achilles, Odysseus, Aclestis, Athena—so that we mortals can see our fates reflected in their journeys as we do in the journeys described in ancient myths.” – Erica Jong … Continue reading

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Pedestrian in a Far Off Land

“Realism is a bad word. In a sense everything is realistic. I see no line between the imaginary and the real.” – Federico Fellini It was a rainy day. The weather prophets called for a storm and boy were they … Continue reading

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The Never-Ending Story

We are, rest assured, eternity localized. You being the metaphor and axis upon which a real life is imagined and inspired by a dream story.

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“Myths, so to say, are public dreams; dreams are private myths.” – Joseph Campbell The correspondence between public and private alternated choirs.

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Practice Run

To get ready, daily, for the stories inside, the voices, yet never losing sight of the fact that they are phantoms skating on waves, and to hold on would be like trying to clutch and contain sea-spray between your fingers– … Continue reading

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 “The lamp in the window is the house’s eye and, in the kingdom of the imagination, it is never lighted out-of-doors, but is enclosed light, which can only filter to the outside.”–Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space The young girl … Continue reading

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