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Sometimes there is no sound more lonely and beautiful than that of a pen scratching upon a page with a world of silence as your neutral accomplice.

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At the faltering edge, where possibility meets a stolen glance, and guilt whispers discreetly to us the manner in which we must transgress, we traded breath for flame, and burned through every last vestige of decency, beneath our bodies shameless … Continue reading

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Fly by Night

Longing does not require a precedent, or even a known catalyst. It is, in its purest form, the solvent call of homesickness, which is why our hearts, in their cause and breaking, claim the smallest birds as stars, and the … Continue reading

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There Was a Time

Coiled within the echo and ceremony of longing, I tremble between memory’s flitting tease of my belly and hers, how they almost touched, erring a slow burn course by which the word made flesh could stalk itself, from a favored … Continue reading

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Cosmic Lay Slick astronomy, moonlight drips between her thighs– The lay of space, mine.

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SallyGray is Gone

It was a privilege to wrrite the intro to Joe DePatta’s debut poetry collection: SallyGray is Gone. Coming soon from CSF Publishing. Sally Gray is gone. Four words amounting to an irrefutable statement, a hard fact. Four words that come … Continue reading

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Dreams are like speakeasies for the soul. A secret password so you can enter, unchecked moral boundaries allowing you to trespass and indulge freely in the vagrant and illicit, after hours pressing of bootleg vinyl that places scorched scarabs in … Continue reading

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Don’t you see, you young foolish headstrong man you, only when the separation between subject and object dissolves, only then will you know the passive, panting worth of the world, betrothed as phantom bride to every intuitive seed planted, where … Continue reading

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What We Can’t Measure

In a world of agitated solos, competitive streams of ticker-tape bickering, and relentlessly sharpened points of comparison, it is comforting to know that every single breath we take, last to first, is an uncomplicated gift beyond measure.

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Moonglow Now Available

The hardcover edition of Moonglow on Mercy Street, my second book of poetry, is now available. For anyone interested in purchasing a copy, you can do so here. Cheers & blessings!

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