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Claudia made herself into Cherry and went to the strip club just because. Green eye shadow. Black eyeliner. Red lipstick. A face painted to imitate the likeness of another face, a wanting face, a grave tablature, a motherland face veiling … Continue reading

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Demasking is a Crime

 It was in the year _____ that a maskless society ceased to exist. Everyone was issued a mask. All masks were the same. A uniform anonymity, a sea of samefulness, or rather there was only one standard issue mask that … Continue reading

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Excerpt from a novel-in-progress: It was in the year _______, that a maskless society had ceased to exist. A decision was made by people who made decisions of that nature (yes, the masks, the decision-making, the proper authorities, all this … Continue reading

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In a vain attempt, she corseted herself in green wind and cellophane, votive to a thin whip of air. As she lay there, colors emptying to gray, before the round voices and fast hands came, she fell in and saw … Continue reading

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Solitude #43

In my solitude, I have found myself wanting to shrink even further, into a speck of light, like lint from a star’s navel, or a velvety swath of dark absented from its tailored source;  in my solitude, I long to … Continue reading

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A marriage of masks, turning silence to warm farce– neither slept soundly.

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A mirror, tilted, starkly pooling lovers self-similar turns and views of each other; I am I, you are you, qualifiers blurred and dissolved in a furious crossing of ritual desires.

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