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What We Can’t Measure

In a world of agitated solos, competitive streams of ticker-tape bickering, and relentlessly sharpened points of comparison, it is comforting to know that every single breath we take, last to first, is an uncomplicated gift beyond measure.

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You Are Here

To venerate, the privilege of air inside the ceremony of lungs and chance, where you, as an honored guest, get to ripen and breathe the adventure of your name into a free-range universe.

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The Meaning of the Mob

(I wrote this piece, “The Meaning of the Mob,” over a decade ago, but felt moved to share, because words bridging action matter.) The Meaning of the Mob. I say, the Mob, meaning the Definitely Uncertain, Fixed—a liberal form of … Continue reading

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Every Breath You Take, the Remix

By revolving gradations of blue I have loved you, have sunken to airless depths trying to breathe you in, every dammed bubble sealing the green of memory in a small forever place where cherish is softened by reams of fading … Continue reading

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Dive Bar

To have and to hold and to let go, repeatedly, breathing lessons for skin divers in mortal dread of sea changes.

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