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This Side of Arson

It is an emptying-out, a daily maintenance of purge which, in its favored form, testifies to the lore of secrets held within revelations, or, delineates just cause for an arsonist’s burning.

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Anne Sexton

It begins with a stopwatch, and a glass of water. The stopwatch belonged to her father, or to her father’s father. The glass of water is a joke. Imagine trying to remedy all that desert within, all that scabbing red … Continue reading

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The Flame and the Lotus

(For Sylvia Plath, 1932-1963) I. sylvia in chains and drag: the green-eyed bee-witch, Ariella, poised on her remote blue star, chilled and unblinking succubus to the men she promises to swallow, whole, like air

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