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“My whole life has been little else than a long reverie divided into chapters by my daily walks”–Jean-Jacques Rousseau To ground, daily, these dreams of novel origins, bracing bold contact with rounded edges, off which falling is favored and soundly … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know

After I love you the three most powerful and talismanic words in the language might be I don’t know, instant reducer of ego, canal-cleanser for deeper listening, ventilator of humility and breathing room, not to mention a reverential nod and … Continue reading

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Everybody’s Got One

I was once asked to create a safe happy place to which I could go during times of distress and turbulence, and there it was, as it had always been– a wooden bench set under a streetlamp in a park … Continue reading

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Dreaming, a tactile lullaby by which to set course.

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