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As Fate Would Have It

“Fate will have it—and this has always been the case with me—that all the ‘outer’ aspects of my life should be accidental. Only what is interior has proved to have substance and a determining value.” — Carl Jung He knew … Continue reading

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Solo for Voices

Please note– The voices inside your head may not be your own. Begged, borrowed, stolen, implanted from a toxic source, or origins unknown, a mechanical reaping of lyrics speciously sown, there is a lot to consider when brokering intimacy with … Continue reading

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No Runway Required

How come no one ever asks, What are you metaphysically wearing right now? Are you basking in translucent skivvies, rocking spangled self-awareness, dream-dropping golden drawers and grace-lace in multi-storied tatters, are you so flagrantly naked right now, candle-wax-drip in a … Continue reading

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