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Blue Jukebox

She passed through the beads dangling in the doorway. Echoes of beads rattling, like glassy cricket bones crunched, her moving forward, stopping at the counter, men’s heads turning, as if on rubbery swivels, none say a word, wordless the men … Continue reading

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Beneath the cauterized furies, and unspent silences, amounting to greater deficit, there is, and always has been, at heart’s nimbus base, a soft, wistful melancholy, not unlike the adagio threads of rain silvering the opened palms of a small child, … Continue reading

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Wendigo, a Winter Story

       A man in a bulky white parka is running across a snowy landscape.    The hood pulled over his head is lined with seal-gray fur.    He is wearing plastic goggles that are caked in frost.    … Continue reading

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Woman Draped in Yellow

In a state of honeyed repose, her flightless body, a constellation, draped in the sheer cloth of sunlight, as she models hidden grief to witnesses unseen by common sight.

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