Red Balloon

A red balloon
says so much about the sky,
and the weightless wonder of children,
when desire, bated aloft by the sun,
gives free-spirited chase
to the play of light
on basking reams
of nimbus and lore.
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Send to Returner

At the edge of a weathered postcard,
the faintest glisten, by which memory holds true
and offers proof–There were people, a trip,
a sea, clouds, fragile patterns, mist.
There was this life, where we dreamed,
where we loved, and so this postcard,
this fated token from an ancient future,
between grave and laughter,
which you will one day hold between your hands
and realize you were in heaven the whole time.
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How the Heart Sings

The heart,
a nocturnal flower,
with light on its lips,
holds in tenderest esteem
every single thing
under the sun,
budding to perish,
to seed praise
without fetters or distinction.
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The Moon and Me

I never learned
the secret delicious recipe
of making a poem
from moon, or the bluest
glacial moon-cheese,
from any of my teachers.
It wasn’t their fault.
They might have regarded
the moon as something alien and distant,
something belonging to astronauts,
astrological envy, and lunatics,
or they might have forgotten
what it feels like to feel the moon
pulsing intimately like a wild epileptic ember
or radiant jumpy spider in their hearts, who knows?
But I sure am glad
that the moon, reigning freely
outside the constraints and jurisdiction
of politics, religion and academia,
directly requests of me, in no uncertain terms—
Make good and inspired use of me, and cook something up,
a verse or two, a haiku, nursery rhyme, whatever,
just burn me into being, and listen closely
to how the stars applaud by winking.
In other words (sometimes the moon rambled on),
everything is an echo of praise and music,
so play me, man, like I’m your homeboy or dancing queen,
play me oh so intimately, without hesitation or reserve,
and our nights together will give your dreams a whole new twist
on living beyond mortal claims
and limits.


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Stills from the Cuckoo Coop

Behind the scenes with “James” and “Marilyn.”
Film stills from our Cuckoo rehearsal, improv playtime, and dance lessons.
To find out more about our cinematic mission, or to become a supporter, click here.
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The Slow Road Traveled

The slow road
at the sunken footprints
of its travelers, who,
registering countless steps,
signed heaven to earth,
at a pace befitting
a wanderer’s known paradise.
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Turn, Turn, Turn

Practice makes practice,
a craft
and mantra,
through which one enters
and abides Mystery,
wordless, longing,
a skinny blade of grass
bending to kiss the dew
that mirrors clouds
turning to breath
upon the earth
to dust.
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Behind the scenes
of a persona, packed
and bundled,
the changeless weather of yellow,
a light, sounded, to enter.
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Raising Cuckoo Awareness

To find out more about the characters, story and mission of our inspired little-Cuckoo-that-could, dig this video.
And visit the campaign page.


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Cuckoo Rising

Greetings, soul-folks, and much love as we groove into the creatively charged and spiritually Roaring 20s!
I am thrilled to announce that our crowdsourcing campaign for Ballad of the Cuckoos has officially launched, beneath the gilded magic of tonight’s full moon lunar eclipse. Ballad of the Cuckoos is a short film I wrote and will be directing–a surreal torch song meets Laurel and Hardy in the Twilight Zone–and it will feature Rita O’ Connell and Clint Murphy, with Troy Paff as the film’s director of photography.
Indeed, it takes a village to raise an indie film, and in our case it will take a village of cuckoos to help us raise our baby from the ground floor to the big screen. If you want to be a part of our inspired flight and cinemagical adventure, please peruse our campaign page, and take a few moments to view our  “teaser” pitch video. Throughout the campaign, we will be offering reveals, behind-the-scenes footage, interactive engagements, announcements, and more. There are a variety of perks available for backers, including books, T-shirts featuring the Cuckoo logo designed by the inimitable Izumi Yokoyama, and opportunities to put on a fedora at a rakishly tilted angle while living out your secret dream of being a “movie-maker” as you join our team as a producer or executive producer.
Also, if you cannot contribute financially, please consider spreading the word via social media, and helping our Cuckoo wing its way into as many minds and hearts as possible.
View campaign here.
With love, gratitude, and a sense of infinite play,
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