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As the World Nocturnes

I hereby invoke the blessings of the EverGreen Muses and Lit-Minded Gods as I seek a new publisher and send my “golem-baby” of a book out into the great wide world. Fare thee well, Nocturne! ABOUT: Dystopic Peter Pan meets … Continue reading

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Epitaph, the Hidden Diary of an Inner Child

Today: Bidden by tatters, and gravity’s mutable arc, the palpitations guide me. They are subtle, duly engaged, a milk-slow run of shivers. Bracing the rim, I peer out of cavedark: everything is sudden, color-soaked, a ferocious din and melt, fringed … Continue reading

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Some Kind of Summer

   J.B., I have to kill someone by the end of summer.    Joe Ninj stated this casually, as if it were a school assignment or project with a deadline.    Five minutes earlier we had been integrated into our … Continue reading

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