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Before the Big Bang Makes A Sound

Listen closely. You will hear the rhythmical jazz of a leaky faucet. The creaking floorboards in the attic of memory. The sound of a heart crunching beneath the weight of a life, and then again, that heart’s resilient rising announced … Continue reading

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“You know of course that slowness is the only illumination I’ve ever had.” — Peter Handke, The Afternoon of a Writer A writer, fastening his worth to the tempo of grass, to the yellow leaves separating their grief from their … Continue reading

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Moonglow on Mercy Street

I am happy to announce that the hardcover edition of my new poetry book, Moonglow on Mercy Street, will be published in early December (CSF Publishing). Anyone potentially interested in reviewing the book for their blog, or other site/forum, please … Continue reading

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Tall Black Armchair, or, Anais Nin Revisited

“The woman will sit eternally in the tall black armchair.  I will be the one woman you will never have … excessive living weighs down the imagination: we will not live, we will only write and talk to swell the … Continue reading

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Crow Talk

I close my notebook, and everything that goes with it, and listen to the crow cawing outside my window. I get confused. Is he saying Winter is coming soon, or, It’s time to dream rightly, as I do, with zero … Continue reading

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Impossible You Say?

“Literature is an exaggeration, a dramatization, and those who are nourished on it (as I was) are in great danger of trying to approximate an impossible rhythm.”—Anais Nin Leave the impossible to the fishes and the stars, to packed suitcases … Continue reading

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“Writers do not live one life, they live two. There is the living and then there is the writing. There is the second tasting, the delayed reaction.” How many, committed to their record of days upon the earth, crusade with … Continue reading

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Naming Desire

Whoever I am, I have always depended on the kindness of words– such strange company, these solitary verses.

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I never learned the secret delicious recipe of making a poem from moon, or the bluest glacial moon-cheese from any of my teachers. It wasn’t their fault. They might have regarded the moon as something distant, something belonging to astronauts, … Continue reading

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Inspiration’s Track

Inspiration is not a matter of chance, or waiting, or a magic spell that demands bated breath and fretted suspension— it is the fact that you pick up a pen, your fingers growing warm and intimate with its weight and … Continue reading

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