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Cinematic Matrimony

THE BRIDE In the shadowy, obscure and mostly silent world world of The Bride, a woman, garbed in a wedding dress and veil, directly engages the mirror and “seeing eye” of the camera, as she confronts both codified ritual and internal pressures–rooted … Continue reading

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Eye Test

Within the eye of the volatility of metamorphosis, a shuttering, and sacral budding, that speaks in tongues to the fragile wonder of age-new revelations, respiring.

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The Choice is Yours, or, Ch-Ch-Changes

Make no mistake about it— We are, collectively, at a crossroads, one which clearly, sharply, and without suffering lightly any more of the same ol same ol bullshit is asking us as individuals— Are you going to remain in blame, … Continue reading

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Dreams,undeferred,coupled with Hope,that thing unfettered,to keep us companyand warm our solitude,as we stumble bravelythrough a long night’s journeyinto the bated gospelof days rising to claim us.

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Found Blue

We do not enter the bluest hours, they come upon us, tender fugue and gallows silk, where we, in blatant trembling sheerness, are revealed to ourselves as the bated wisps between air and perish.

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Firsting Impression

It happens fast, this life— the first trembling chapter of an impending sneeze, the half-slitted stutter of a lid’s ambition to wink— We are, timewise, less than these things in the gaugeless cosmic scheme. And yet beyond these words, and … Continue reading

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Crisped at the edges, gilded wings of the Phoenix fanning flames to rise. Image by Izumi Yokoyama

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Birthing Pains

To see, everywhere, brave little lights going up, flares of hope and justice, holding hands to tip the scales in a bond of solidarity, a fire-chastened purge and desire for change’s holy golden grail, the quest, a blessed rhyme and … Continue reading

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It is never in your best interest to fashion yourself in a corset of old dead skin; shed, as a sibilant directive, breathes ceremony into the places where you ache, to die, and begin again.

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Childhood’s Wake

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