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Blue Boy

   There’s something wrong with him, my father said. Look at him. Something’s not right. Something happened to him. He’s sick. All he thinks about is writing. That’s all he thinks about. He is blue.    Even though I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Tell Me It Is Reality

Please don’t tell me it is reality. Please don’t try and persuade and convince me of how very real it is or must be because it has appeared in a dozen social media feeds cross-referenced by noise layered on top … Continue reading

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“Once it had been the other way around: one summer, while daydreaming a winter story, he had reached into the tall grass  for a snowball, wanting to throw it playfully at the cat.” — Peter Handke, The Afternoon of a … Continue reading

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Heart Country

“Imagination certainly is an entertaining thing to have—and it is great to be a fool.” – Georgia O’ Keefe She, in painting the bones and the blue while distilling, in tenderest strokes, the interior lives and longing of flowers, applied … Continue reading

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Tall Black Armchair, or, Anais Nin Revisited

“The woman will sit eternally in the tall black armchair.  I will be the one woman you will never have … excessive living weighs down the imagination: we will not live, we will only write and talk to swell the … Continue reading

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This is the text which inspired the story I performed in a Story Slam a couple of years back. The theme was “Risk.” Here’s a video clip of the presentation (sorry, it’s sideways, but then again, so am I). One … Continue reading

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As a child, the thinnest greenest wisps of air held tiny totemic figures of me, carved from sheer terror, aloft, and I pretended, o how I pretended to be the biggest strongest bravest boldest of them all, a clown-saint crossing … Continue reading

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How little they know, of her flights beyond reason– Her world, winged, widens.   (Artwork by Izumi Yokoyama)

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You mean to tell me that God is Bo Peep and her sheep are not sheep at all but rather dream-spiders spinning intricate patterns and noodle-strand mandalas to freestyle a movable feast in some obscure forest known by some as … Continue reading

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