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Recording Live

To abide, faithfully, the recording angel on my shoulder, to dream, trebled, with eyes and ears open, glass pressed against the thin, plasmic veil separating one world from the next, a straddler and eavesdropper, since Childhood, on behalf of a … Continue reading

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Recording Live

   I understand that I am not only with my father and grandfather and Marie as family, but also as a writer. I am sketching them. The mechanical hand in my mind that never stops is charting and sketching and … Continue reading

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Orion’s numinous belt undone on the sly by Cassiopeia’s nimble, flaring digits, as he proceeds to enter her whorling sphere of glacial fire spread lightly to produce cosmic aaaaaahs and oooohs, while the green-eyed Moon, papal and robust, records the … Continue reading

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